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My Trading Solution

We hope you love this course as much as we do!

Before we were "My Trading Solution" We were a small group of people who had an idea to help regular people (like us) achieve hedge fund type returns.
In 2021 we decided to make the dream a reality and now you've seen the benefits of this trading system and these resources. 

We hope our dream of continuing to help people achieve big results will continue, through you. There are so many people who don't know where to begin when it comes to wealth building. Do you know anyone who could use the kind of help we offer, in our My trading Solution course? 

GREAT NEWS! We want to reward YOU every time you share our course with friend, family or anything one else who could benefit from our trainings. 

How does it work?

Well that's simple! Every time you share our course with someone and they purchase using your personalized link. You'll receive 20% of the profit from that sale.  

Are you wondering how you might be able to fund your trading account? Not sure where the funds are going to come from? Would 20%* from every course you sell help you fund that account more quickly? 

Just know, we are honored every single time someone shares our link with someone who needs our training. It's our pleasure to share 20% of those profits to you. 

Thanks for being our partner!

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We process the payments all of our affiliates 37 days after the sale. All affiliates are required to register with Wise and provide your banking details for affiliate payments. Remember, if the purchase is refunded or cancelled, you will not receive payment.

You can create passive income by promoting our course, and we will send you 20% of your referrals payments. Are you worried that those who bought the course are eligible for a higher percentage than you? Don't fret. Almost everyone earns 20% with their affiliate links, even if they purchased the course. However... there are special ways of earning a higher percentage. Get in touch with us and we will tell you how!

To be credited for the sale, customers must purchase the course using your unique affiliate link.

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We pay an affiliate commission of 20% per every new purchase you refer to our course with your custom affiliate link. Our current one time price for the course is $997. That means that you will earn $99 for every new sale you get.

When you sell our course to 10 people, you will earn $1,994.

And when you make 100 sales, you will have earned $19,940! All of that for promoting our course!

If you’re looking to create a brand new source of passive income, My Trading Solutions affiliate program is the last thing you’ll ever need.

Inside of your affiliate resources, we’ll give you training on the best ways to promote our course, so you can start getting new sales right away.

*Our prices can change without notice. Keep up to date on our current course pricing. 

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Allen Taylor has over 20 years managing, building websites, tech experience, and launches for all kind of industries. He’s the person you can go to if you ever have any questions, or any problem with your affiliate promotion.

You can contact him by email or through the Facebook page: [email protected]

Course - Percentage Payout

Training - How to buy Discount Stocks -- 0%

Course - Bull Market Bullet | Trading Strategy -- 20%

Course - Monarch 4 | Trading Strategy -- 20%

Course - Monarch 4 Trading Strategy Bundle -- 20%

Course - Open House -- 0%

Indicator - E.W.S. Indicator - 0%

Follow My Trade (FMT) - Percentage Payout

Follow My Trade - Monthly Option -- 0%

Follow My Trade - Yearly Option -- 0%


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We require all affiliates to sign up for a Wise (formerly Transferwise) account with your bank details. This will expedite getting your affiliate payment. You can sign up at https://wise.com/register. We will contact you after the sale to verify your Wise credentials and transfer your money to you.



You see, we’re not as most educational partner programs out there.

We value and appreciate all of our partners more than you can imagine. You’re the fuel of our company, and we’ll always do everything we can to ensure you and your referrals have the best experience with our software.

We’ll give you every resource and training you’ll ever need to be successful at promoting our course even if you have no experience at online marketing at all.

When you become a partner of My Trading Solution, you become a part of our family (we love our families), and we’ll treat you as such.

That’s our guarantee.

And we’ve never failed at any of our guarantees.

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